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What Other Proprietors Have To Say... 

Diane Mallow owner Watertown Bowl – Watertown, WI

We had been thinking about trying to do something ourselves and when we saw the Summer BowlPass program, it was like, yeah there we go. The advertising and marketing is all there for us. It would have been way more than I could've ever done.

Sold $15,111 in Summer BowlPasses in 2019

Dean Day owner Day’s Bowl A Dome - Wausau, WI

We’ve been tracking everybody that gets a lane with the Summer BowlPass program. We print out a duplicate receipt and I’ve got a big stack of them. I'm noticing tabs of at least 30 bucks a visit on average which is great. They're all ordering food and beverages. I am a firm believer in the Summer BowlPass program.

Sold $7,422 in Summer BowlPasses in 2019

Mick Hachbarth manager Cadillac XBC – Waterloo, IA

One of the big pluses we’ve seen so far is that people who purchase a pass tend to use it! Free is often times taken for granted, but it seems a purchased pass translates directly to customer visits! We have literally seen more use in May of the Summer BowlPass than the entirety of KBF from last summer. Your program is a WINNER!!!

Sold $6,252 in Summer BowlPasses in 2019 17

Mike Divis owner Camelanes - Gillette, WY

The people that come in [with the Summer BowlPass program] tend to have money in their pockets. They are buying food, drinks and alcohol. I'm pretty pleased with the initial results.

Sold $7,722 in Summer BowlPasses in 2019

Todd Leonhardt owner Rosebowl Lanes – Marshfield, WI

We're getting better customers with the Summer BowlPass program and I think these are people who are going to be more involved. These are people that we can turn into, not just Summer BowlPass people, but they might join an eight week adult child league. I'm going to have a better chance to build something with these people.

Sold $7,383 in Summer BowlPasses in 2019

Dan Voss manager Meadowood Lanes - Rapid City, SD

The majority of Summer BowlPass families eat and then we have a few groups that every time they're in they get pizzas for the group and parents are getting a couple of beers and kids are getting sodas Families are actually spending money, which we never did see with KBF.

Sold $10,926 in Summer BowlPasses in 2019

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